Wolves At The Door of Empower Network

Wolves At The Door of Empower Network. Ever have someone see the success you're having and do everything they can to derail you?

I knew that once I started finding success that it was only a matter of time before the wolves, jackals and hyenas came out to hunt… you know them;

The kind of people that are jealous and hate, but even more than that, they start to interject into your business; they act as a friend or try to come off as an expert and give you advice.

Advice designed to make you failPeople who appear as sheep, but are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m going to tell you a true story about the first time I made money online and my very first failure.

This was several years ago and I had just moved to North Carolina with the rest of my family. I was working graveyard security for a company that I won’t mention here. The pay was okay as far as jobs went back then, however I was looking for a way to make money.

I am a musician so when I heard about an affiliate program for SheetMusicPlus.com I was quick to sign up. I didn’t have a website or anything and I was broke, so I found one of those free hosting places.

If you remember Angelfire, Lycos, and Tripod from back in the day, I still have my URL that I now use for slinging my TechDex software – http://bizmall.tripod.com. I went through the affiliate site grabbing code, copying and pasting, and when it was done, it was the cheesiest site that I’ve ever built.

And when I say cheesy, I mean no graphics or anything. It was completely amateur but it didn’t matter. I was so excited to have my own website and told everyone I ran across about it.

One day, someone asked me for a business card and I didn’t have any, so I went home and printed up business cards and handed those out. I was pretty naive, but I was taking action, then sure enough, I got a sale!

It was my first sale online ever. A few weeks went by and I made about $400 in sales, and then it happened…

One of the employees where I worked overheard me telling someone about what I was doing, and when she heard that I was making money, she acted all interested and caring and started coming around and checking in to see how the business was doing.

Then one day I got the check. I was headed to work and didn’t have the time to get to the bank, so I carried the check to work with me that night, planning to deposit it when I got off the next morning.

Sure enough, she came by and I showed her the check from what I had made. At first she didn’t say anything, then she acted all excited. Then she proceeded to give me a ton of advice and a list of things to do.

WORST MISTAKE EVER! All of the advice and lists and changes, even though I was fooled into thinking she was helping me, was all to throw a monkey wrench in my machine.

I followed her advice and never made another single sale…


I’m telling you this story because the wolves have started showing up at the door of Empower Network and I want all of my team, and everyone to know and be prepared.

It’s happened twice to me recently and once to one of my team members. I was approached by a person claiming to be an expert. He was very friendly, very courteous, and offered some “friendly” advice and suggestions.

It just so happened that he was replying to one of my posts where I showed a screenshot of one of the confirmation emails from Empower Network telling me that I had earned another recurring commission.

Your income just increased by $25 monthly…
Congratulations Dexter!
You just earned a $25 residual commission with an Empower Network Basic Membership from…

But as I read his personal message, I remembered that day all those years ago and I asked him a single question.

I asked him, “Are you a member of Empower Network who’s earning commissions?

You see I know that Empower Network works because I’m making money, and they also post the actual incomes of the top earners so others can see true integrity and know that it works too.

At least he was honest and replied, “no” or I would have found out when I checked him out.

Why on earth would ANYONE follow the advice from someone who’s not even in Empower Network, about how to make money in Empower Network?

See when I flashed back to that day, I remembered that woman and how she’d smirk at me knowing full well that I was no longer making sales. I put up with her smirking for several months after that because I needed that job more than ever.

The wolves are at the door of Empower Network and they want to see you fail. They know that we are a young company that’s not even two years old, and already paid out more than $10 million dollars in commissions.

They also know that we have the best marketing and training available anywhere right now, and that we are spitting out more and more 5 figure a month earners than any other company out there and it’s burning a hole right in the middle of them.

It’s burning a hole of jealousy and they hate in secret and they will spit poison and negativity and try to distract you from making the money and living the dreams you’ve always wanted.

Let my past naiveté serve as fair warning and an example to you. When you get in Empower Network, stick with your team and follow the examples and advice of your sponsors and those in the company making money.

Anything else is a distraction and quite possibly a wolf trying to lead you away from the flock to turn you into easy prey. Secret haters, if you let them, will keep you broke, struggling, and hopping from opportunity to opportunity, and you’ll never get to go past “go.”

What’s next?

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