Why You Should Never Debate With Idiots

So for anyone who’s known me for any length of time you know that I love to debate, but even more than that, I love to bait people.

I know it’s a bad habit, however when you debate in topics like religion or politics, you usually come across people that will quickly turn what should be a good thread into a personal attack and resort to profanity and name-calling…

Essentially proving some well noted people in history right. For example:

Joseph Cook said, “A single profane expression betrays a [person’s] low breeding.” Alexander Pope said, “To swear is neither brave, polite, nor wise.”

A couple more of my favorite quotes include Eric Hoffer who said, “Rudeness is the weak [person’s] imitation of strength” and I don’t know who said, “Profanity is the last refuge of the truly ignorant,” but I totally agree.

Anyway, here’s the scenario. A friend of mine posted a pretty cool graphic about the economy and I disagreed, because the numbers were a bit off, however one of the people who started commenting, off the bat started with accusations and swearing. I replied to the post as intelligently as possible, (yes I did call him an a$$ for it), and the whole thread just took a dive bomb from there…

That’s when I decided to bait him to see how low he would go. In short I reduced my age to about five and pulled out all the playground pre-pubescent stops.

You’d think that AFTER I pointed out that I’m going to record it for YouTube that he would realize that I wasn’t actually serious… that’s what I get for arguing with an idiot.

I’ve blotted out his name to protect his identity.

I warn you… It’s NOT pretty! (Click on images to view full size in a new window).

Never Argue With An Idiot

Never Argue With An Idiot

Never Argue With An Idiot

“Tis sad but true. There are people out there who have nothing better to do than pick fights in political thread by way of name-calling and profanity. One would THINK that after I said it twice I was going to post on youtube, 9gag and blog about it he’d stop right?

NOPE!!!! The argument continued on…


This is why you should never debate with idiots…

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