What’s The Biggest Challenge You’ve Ever Faced In Your Business?

What's the Biggest Challenge You've Ever Faced In Your Business?
What’s the BIGGEST challenge you’ve ever faced in your business? This was a question that was asked not too long ago in one of the business groups I am a part of, and the answers were all great. They varied vastly from person to person, and touched on everything from mindset and finance to perseverance and bad habits.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but I wanted to share my biggest problem, but not only that… offer the solution, with the hopes that you can take what I’m about to share and apply it to your own business.

The Biggest Challenge I’ve Ever Faced In My Business

I was a point where I was struggling to make consistent money in my business. I was making money, but it would come in spurts… A few hundred here, a sale there. I was slowing building up residual income, but I was seriously missing that “thing” to make the cash flow connect with the work I was doing.

I’d get up and work all day, go to bed late, and wake up a few hours later and do it all again, but I could never really connect work, with making a profit.

So if you’re one of those people who is working very long hours and not getting the results you want, listen up.

I started studying sales, and closing sales. I learned how to market, meaning I knew tons of strategies, but strategies weren’t working for me and they were working for many others.

Studying sales taught me something very important.

The #1 Problem With Sales

I learned that the #1 problem people have as to why they aren’t making the money they deserved is obscurity. Nobody knew who I was, or what I was about, so I needed to learn how to get people’s attention.

I know that sounds really, really simple, but to me it wasn’t. I was doing all of the right things… I was getting fans on my Facebook pages, I was getting followers on twitter, I was even getting leads into my lists – but at the end of the day, hardly anyone bought anything and it left me in a hole wondering why.

The “why” is that we live in a very noisy world, full of distractions and if I wanted to get attention, I had to learn how to bust through all of that noise and say “hey” to get it.

It’s really that simple too.

Now here’s a quick trick I use for getting attention…

When people connect with you on a social media network, instead of just saying “thanks for the connection,” and leaving it up to them to get back to you, use it as an opportunity to start a conversation.

What I do is change the subject line of any emails to something unexpected – here’s why.

If you’re a person who gets a lot of invitations and accept a lot of invitations, what do you do? You get a lot of notifications, right? And they all look the same, “RE: Your Connection Request,” or something similarly boring and obscure.

Truth is that most people just delete them, especially so if they have a service like Gmail that compacts multiple messages into one thread.

What I do is change it to something that will build their curiosity, (and not be lumped in with other notifications), and get them to open their messages. For example, this is one of my favorites. “Seriously? You want to connect with me? uh huh!”

My response rates literally went through the roof!

What’s the point?

I could give you a few examples of how I get people’s attention, just by saying something unexpected that will throw them off guard, (and other ways).

The point however is to teach a quick lesson about sales – that the biggest challenge isn’t what most people think it is – it’s obscurity. You have to get yourself out there and get attention.

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