The Ultimate Blackhat Script That Will STEAL Your Hard Work

This goes out to all of my marketing friends and the entire marketing community. DO NOT… I repeat DO NOT download ANY marketing software that requires installation or modifying HTML on pages where you have ads. This is your blog, landing pages, sales pages, emails, plugins, etc.

As a programmer I am on the list of a few communities, including some that deal in black hat software – there is a new one out that will STEAL your traffic and HIJACK your ads.

In a nutshell, once you install this script, plugin, app, code (however it’s delivered to you) and install it on your server (or upload), the owner will have control of your server – it hijacks your IP, not just your website.

From there that person can change all of your clickbank id’s, adsense code, affiliate links and more to match theirs…

There’s one reason and one reason only someone would create software like this – to rip you off! To STEAL your hard work.

This is what it claims:

Mass control millions of servers at a given moment with Affiliate Ad’s, Adsense, Clickjacking, Content-Locking, Redirection -The sky is the limit! These black hat methods are being utilized by the pharmas and now its your time to get hold of their secrect way of money laundering.

Control Millions of people’s servers from all over the internet.

– Redirect the traffic of the other website
– Contron their ads or inster your own ad in their website
– Initate the pop-unders
– Put backlinks on the high page rank sites
– Place any code on their sites

If you are a marketer then I repeat – DO NOT install or upload ANYTHING to your servers unless you know for SURE that it is legit.

Please be careful…

And IF you’re one of those people who is looking for a way to make money, there are very legit ways to do that, (such as this one). I’ve been able to make good money part time and in between a hectic schedule.

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