The Great Internet Marketing Shuffle

The Internet Marketing Shuffle As a full time Internet marketer who works from home, I’m always on the lookout for information that can help me do better in my own businesses, and one of the things that I do, is study other marketers and their content.

I’ll opt in to their lists, browse their sites, and sometimes (if it’s compelling), I’ll even buy a product or two just to see what I can learn from it…

But I’ve begun to notice something a very disturbing trend.

A kind of shuffle going on…

Back when I worked regular jobs, especially working in a corporate park, there was a phenomena that myself and other co-workers joked about. We called the “great IT shuffle,” where every few months you could look out your window and see people changing jobs.

What made that funny to me was many of the big IT companies were all in the same park, often right across the street from each other, so about every 3 months when short term contracts expired, the same people would pack up their desks in one building, then walk across the street or across the park to start their new jobs in another building.

And like clockwork, every 3 months this would happen again and again – the same people going from one building to the next, over and over…

The Great Internet marketing shuffle is underway

Looking through all of the offers and marketing and sales content, I saw the exact same thing – the same people doing this Internet marketing shuffle going from one opportunity to the next.

It’s almost like clockwork! When a new program comes out, they’re jumping on board and repeating the same cycle… over, and over, and over again.

… and the truth is that most people keep shuffling from program to program because a lot of the things out there simply doesn’t work.

Do You Know What You’re Looking For?

I used to be one of those people who did the Internet marketing shuffle for a very long time and I can tell you first hand, the only reason I did the Internet marketing shuffle, was because the one “thing” I was searching – the thing I was trying to learn, I couldn’t find.

What I needed, and what most people need, is to learn how to be a marketer, how to be a sales person. I needed to learn how to be successful, and a lot of what I tried, at best, only showed me strategy.

Strategy is great, but none of the strategies worked until I had the right tools, the right system, and the right kind of people in my corner.

That is the secret…

* A team by itself doesn’t make you money and get you where you want to be…
* A system by itself doesn’t make you money and get you where you want to be…
* And all of the tools, strategies and education in the world won’t make you money and get you where you want to be either…

None of those things can on their own… you need all three working at the same time to live the life of your dreams, and there’s only one place I’ve found that has it all.

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