Robotic Warriors – The Crusher

robotic warriors the crusherRemember when you were a kid and you were just fascinated my big machinery? Well mine never ended. The bigger, the better… and they’re just plain cool!

So while checking out the coolest new gadgets around, I somehow stumbled onto military technology… and for the record, Youtube has a way of linking things together in a chain that you just automatically end up at the worst possible thing.

One moment you’re looking at Google Glass and XBOX ONE, and the next you’re on to weapons and military technology. I was fully expecting to come full circle to videos of pranks and kids letting people knock them out.

Anyway – I have to admit that while I’m not a fan of finding new ways to kill people, this is kinda cool. It’s called The Crusher, and it’s one mean robotic warrior. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments below. What’s your favorite new technology? I wanna know!

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