Practical Joke Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Practical Joke Gone Horribly Wrong

Practical Joke Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

So this is what I call just not right and probably a good reason why some practical jokes are best left in your head and not actually done, because it is a practical joke gone HORRIBLY Wrong

So here’s the deal..
A radio show has a skit they do called “false confessions” where, in exchange for a prize, the person has to call someone and confess to something that isn’t real, then get the person to admit that they still love them, and so on.

Just before Valentine’s Day, for the prize of Kanye West tickets, this woman has to confess to her husband that their nine-year old son isn’t his, and she has to get him to say that he still loves her…

The problem with the game of confessions?… well…

You’ll have to just watch as yet another sad (and surprising) twist of a practical joke gone horribly wrong

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