Overcoming limiting beliefs in the MLM industry

Overcoming limiting beliefs in the MLM industryAs an Internet Marketer one of the things I’ve had to overcome in myself are limiting beliefs.

I had to unlearn everything I ever learned about money, (I had some funny ideas), and re-think what was I thought possible so that, in the end, I could get the results in business financially that I wanted and frankly, the results I knew I deserved.

But this isn’t about overcoming limiting beliefs in myself…

It’s about overcoming limiting beliefs in others. In the Network Marketing business, we like to call them objections or roadblocks in the sales process.

And if I can be honest, overcoming limiting beliefs for me wasn’t an easy process, because people have some funny ideas about business and they want to tell you what can be done, what can’t be done, how you should do things because they’ve been in the industry since sliced bread and what you’re doing doesn’t work…

They try to tell you what they do is the only way to do it, and that what you’re doing isn’t duplicatable, and many, especially in the MLM industry will basically tell you to quit what you’re doing, join them in their business and they’ll miraculously part the waters and you can cross the sea of financial woes and enter safely into the land overflowing with milk and money and everything will be great.

… But you know what? (and you can disagree with this if you want).

I’ve had to accept that anybody that has to first tear down your level of belief of what is possible, so that you can get involved with them and their business is not someone you should be involved with. They will drag you down to their level of mediocrity, just so they can build themselves up – Dexter Nelson

As I mentioned, I am an Internet Marketer and many of the people I prospect are in the MLM industry, and the objections and limiting beliefs are unbelievably ridiculous!

I’m not saying that all MLM-people have limiting beliefs, it’s just that there are a few models in particular that seem to drill “their way” of doing things as the only way to sell or make money.

For example, I hear this now almost every day I prospect, “well I’ve been doing it this way for a long time and it’s the only way of doing things.” Or the one that really makes me laugh, “that Internet-thing is going to make you any real money”.

So how do you overcome limiting beliefs, especially when dealing with those in the MLM industry?

Overcoming limiting beliefs begins by understanding that most objections and roadblocks stem from limiting beliefs.

… Rather, one main limiting belief – because that’s the way I’ve always done it and everyone else has been doing it this way (probably the worst of all overcoming limiting beliefs one can have).

To be fair, I understand that for many years the same old MLM methods of drawing circles and home meetings and three way calls have worked, but the world is changing and selling on the Internet is a part of our lives.

A conversation I had recently with a big name in the MLM industry (and I won’t name him), took that same approach with me and it was that conversation that inspired this post.

I had just shared a post talking about the Empower Network opportunity and, as most people in the MLM industry will do, he looked up my profile and called me (as opposed to sending me a message), and we started talking.

It didn’t take long until he said, “I know a lot of people in Empower Network and they’re on my team now,” and as I listened to him he gave every reason in the world why I need to leave Empower Network and why it wouldn’t work.

At the point he said, “I can’t promote this to my team because it’s not duplicatable,” I kinda cut him off and asked, “What’s not duplicatable?”

He gave a pretty “text book” canned answer, like he’d rehearsed it 100 times and said, “what you do online. It doesn’t make sense. The only way to sell is over the phone and on a 3-way.”

I was a bit upset by his reply so I wasn’t very friendly in my response, and what I said made him hang up the phone. I said, “online sales and online shopping industry is a billion dollar a year, revenue producing industry year and year and not just big companies, but people are selling online through eBay and Amazon and articles and all sorts of ways online.

Classifieds, music sites, digital stores and shopping carts and more. You’re don’t seriously believe and are telling me that selling online isn’t duplicatable are you?”

There was this pause for about 30 seconds and there was dead silence as I waited for a response and I got it – he just hung up on me.

My goal here isn’t to highlight or make fun of the man, but rather teach an important concept about overcoming limiting beliefs – attacking the objection head on instead of side-stepping or trying to talk your way through it, does a couple things that are very important.

1. It qualifies a person by forcing them to get past the preconceptions and ideas they already have about things outside of their comfort zone – in other words, it “wakes them up” and makes them re-evaluate their position.

2. It bring them to the point where they have to make a decision. When you attack a limiting belief, that person’s walls of defense are torn down and they have to confront themselves and one of two things I’ve learned will happen.

They will either join your business or buy your product, or they will run from you. Either way that person was forced to make a decision and even if they don’t buy your product or service or join your business, I’ve come to notice that the very people who run from having to face themselves will often watch you closely to see what you do, because you left an impression.

Overcoming limiting beliefs isn’t about what you say… it’s about your mindset and certainty.

Overcoming limiting beliefs will explode your business

Overcoming limiting beliefs has been a journey for me and I’m not ashamed to give credit where credit is due – This journey started about 6 months ago when I joined the Empower Network.

Of course I was looking for a way to make money, but what I discovered transformed my life. I am making money, but more than that, I learned about overcoming limiting beliefs in myself, and overcoming limiting beliefs that others throw in my face – things that would have stopped me before.

I learned how to sell, how to influence others, how to close sales, how to be absolutely certain and get the results I aim for and how to achieve them.

And I did it with one of their products called the Inner Circle and with a real community of people called Team Take Massive Action.

If there is one thing I can pass on about overcoming limiting beliefs, it’s that you need to have the right things, in the right place, at the right time, and have the right mindset.

And Empower is the place.

Discover how overcoming limiting beliefs will explode your business when you join Empower Network and buy the Inner Circle training.

Overcoming Limiting beliefs

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