Inside Empower Network: Beyond The Opportunity

Inside Empower Network: Beyond The Opportunity
Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s been a few days since my last blog post so I wanted to do something just a bit off-center. Instead of the typical kind of blog I’m known for, (coaching articles about marketing or wicked cool entertainment), I want to share a perspective on Empower Network that a lot of people don’t quite seem to get.

Most people who know me already know that I am a member of the Empower Network, and that I’m making money with it, and enjoying having success, and when I actually do present Empower Network to people I typically run into a few types of people, but of those that get involved in the business usually bombard me with questions that all basically boil down to, “What are you putting out there that’s making people join your business?

They all want to know what I’m saying in my ads, or how my solo ads are structured, or what graphics I’m using, where I’m getting my content from, and a lot more questions just like that, but here’s the thing…

While there are strategies you can apply to your marketing, the best value you can offer to someone is making whatever you’re doing make sense to the person you’re presenting to – and that’s what I’m going to talk about.

First, I don’t think of it as “getting people to join my business”. I’ve never been a fan of business that is focused on people joining, so my focus isn’t to get people to joinit’s to help people leverage what I’m offering to their own benefit.

I won’t go into the details of mindset here, expect to say that people can read your intentions and it comes out in your marketing and everything you do. So let’s say that, like anybody else out there who’s looking to make money, your wake up in the morning and your focus is to get people to sign up, or get that sale, that’s what people are going to see.

When I wake up in the morning, my focus is to see how many people I can help by sharing my experiences, successes, and ultimately helping someone else get to where they want to be. The money and all of that will take care of itself.

That is why two people can send out the exact same email or solo ad, or post the exact same classified, and one person gets great results, and the other person gets little or none. And if I can leave you with one thing to take away from all of what I just said it would be this: Intention comes out in your content.

That is something you can take to ANY business you’re in – Change your intentions, change your results.

So, in regard to the Empower Network, you have to understand that being an affiliate is just an option, and the products, including the training in marketing and mindset anyone can use and apply to their business. That is the point most people don’t understand until they actually get into the products and training and realize that they can actually make money as an affiliate.

So let’s go behind the scenes and beyond the opportunity so you can see just what Empower Network does for you, (and I’m going to try and explain this without coming across as blowing hype if I can).

Search Engine Exposure:

One of the things I’ve spent thousands of dollars on over the years, and what people still pay me to do for them is SEO. Even if your business is offline, having your information being found online will increase your business in ways you can even calculate.

For example, one of the growing trends I capitalize on for myself and my clients is the local search market – that is, when a person is looking for something they need, instead of driving around from store to store, what people are doing more and more is going to Google or Bing on their computers or mobile phones and searching for places.

When they find one, they’ll call around and go to the place that has what they’re looking for. If you’re business isn’t there, your competition is getting all of the business. It’s also great for branding because people will search for products, and search engines list local businesses “above the fold,” meaning that search results that are local, get preference over businesses that aren’t in the area.

The $25 dollar blog (what we call the basic membership) is strongly ranked with Google and has a Page Rank of 4 (PR4), and according to Alexa (the authority that tracks the most trafficked sites in the world), is ranked #386 in the world and 155 in the United States, and it has more than 44 thousand sites linking back – and if you don’t quite understand what all that means…

It means that you can skip all of the stuff you have to do (set up, hosting, design, domain name, hundreds or thousands of dollars in marketing, etc) and just start publishing your content and get great SEO results, even for the most competitive topics.

Live Example: A while ago I posted about a hip hop dance team, The Les Twins, and they are major international stars playing competitions and performing all across the world, including recently with Beyoncé, yet, if you do a search for “Les Twins Robot Dance” (one of the keywords I targeted), it’s there on the first page of Google. Just imagine what that would do for you if what you offered was on the first page of Google when people searched!

So you get great search engine exposure. What else?


Have you ever heard the expression, the money is in the list? List-building, although the names changes from time to time, it’s not something that’s new. Whether it’s email addresses or phone numbers or inventory or whatever you need to track, you have to retain information about your customers and people that are interested in your products – that’s how leads become sales, and how customers become repeat customers and long-term patrons of your business.

If you’re not list-building for your business then you are constantly having to rely on generating fresh sales every day just to stay a float, and if you have new products, specials, bonuses or deals, you have to do your marketing from scratch every time. It’s a huge waste of time and money, so you’ve got to have the ability to build a list.

The same highly ranked blog platform integrates well with any auto-responder so as you publish content, and as people find you in the search engines, they can opt in to your lists so you can follow up with them automatically. And you have a market of hot leads who are basically searching for what you have to offer, just waiting for you to market.

Live Example: Since I showed you an example of search engine results, here is a live example of the blog automatically building my lists. This is something I see almost every day. It’s a notification from aweber about someone opting in to my list. I’ve blotted out the person’s email and ip address but if you open it in a new window you can see the image full size.

list-building by blogging

So you also get automatic list-building on top of the search engine exposure.

What else do you get?

Without breaking down each benefit for you in detail, you get to be part of a growing community of entrepreneurs, access to training and coaching, tools that allow you to control the look and feel of your marketing, publish content that lasts and continues to market for you 24/7, and so much more!

If you could make your business make sense to people in such a way that they realize that they don’t just need it, but want it – it doesn’t even seem like sales anymore.

If you’re reading this and you’re interested in finding out more about the Empower Network, then go ahead and click here to find out more about who we are and what we do</a>, or go ahead and get started right now for only $25.00.

PS: And when you’re logged in, don’t forget to check out the affiliate program. They pay 100% commissions!

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