How To Drive Massive Traffic From Free Traffic Sources (Part 2)

How To Drive Massive Traffic From Free Traffic Sources (Part 2) In Part 1 of our series “How To Drive Massive Traffic From Free Traffic Sources (Part 1), Local marketing was discussed in great detail and I gave several pro tips to help anyone take full advantage of may of local marketing.

How To Drive Massive Traffic From Free Traffic Sources: The Social Seven

Right now we’re going to switch up and talk about how to drive massive traffic using social media.

For years now social media has been on the front line of online marketing. Social media sites focus on the end user and all of the content is by users or for users and as a result, they are hubs of activity to connect with real people on a personal level.

There are many benefits to social networks that we already know about, (building a big list, sharing your content, high ranking content, and more); however there is one additional benefit that isn’t talked about very often – the ability to drive massive traffic.

I’ve identified what I call the “Social Seven,” that is, seven social sites that directly affect your ranking on the top of several search engines because they are considered “authorities” by the World Wide Web Consortium.

The World Wide Web Consortium dictates the standards for the Internet including what technologies need to be supported, standards for browsers and much more. What’s important is that most search engines and ISPs are a part of the Consortium, including Google.

Because these sites are considered authorities, they carry heavy weight by not just Google, but by every other search engine, and as a result, you can drive massive traffic for free, and the exposure you get from them in significantly increased and as a result, you can drive massive traffic from the very first day you start using social media.

So let’s get started with some basic information up front first.

PRO TIP: When it comes to writing the descriptions in your profile, always put a contextual link, (no html) pointing to your main website and place “http://” in front of your address. Not all sites do this, however in most cases, your links become clickable.

A lot of people will not read an entire description or profile, so providing a quick link they can click on or copy and paste into a browser will help you retain quick browsers before they can click away to the next thing that happens to catch their attentions.

PRO TIP 2: Always provide a picture of yourself when creating a social profile. A lot of places will tell you to use a picture that advertises your business or product you’re selling, however you have to remember that social sites are focused on people.

If you don’t want to use a picture of yourself, then choose a picture that best represents you. When people connect with you, they will follow you no matter what opportunity you have or product you’re selling. Trust is very important.

With that said, here is a list of the social seven and how to drive massive traffic from them:

How To Drive Massive Traffic From Free Traffic Sources: The Social Seven List


Go to each of those sites and log in if you have an account. If you don’t have one, create one, verify your email if necessary, then log in.

Your first priority is to complete your profiles to 100%, including your descriptions (which should included keywords), and remember the pro tips that were just given.

Again, do NOT promote your profiles as yet. Simply copy your profile URLs below the list of URLs you started on notepad or your favorite text editor, (This would the the profile URLs from the local marketing in Part 1).

PRO TIP 3: When it’s time to find friends to grow your social networks, the same rules apply here as they do for local listings. What I do for my clients is find groups that are related to their business and request membership.

The more targeted the audience, your ability to drive massive traffic from these groups increases your success rate dramatically.

Once accepted, I post a welcome message introducing myself (or the client) stating my experience and offering to assist in answering questions and lending assistance.

I forward those to my clients, and when they answer them, I post the answers or solution to their problems. In almost every case, the friend requests follow as well as messages. Even more importantly, people go to the profile to find out more about you, who you are, and what you do.

If you followed the pro tips, your contextual URL should be there in your description for quick access.

The more you help, the higher your reputation becomes and the more people will come to you. Also, when people search for help with their problems or answers to questions, you will show up in the search results (provided you use those keywords in your title and description).

There are a lot of ways to build how many friends you have, however this method is #1 for converting traffic on social networks to money.

PRO TIP 4: Spend some time searching those groups for people that can use your service or product. What I look for are people who are responding with my posts, asking questions, venting frustrations and so one.

Then I send them a friend request, followed by a message letting them know who I am, what my expertise and addressing their problem in the message. For example, if the person was complaining about something, I’d ask them if they still need help with that issue and offer to help them.

NOTE: Do NOT just give advice unless asked. People dislike a know-it-all, especially ones they don’t know and message them out of the blue.

Your first priority was to complete your profiles to 100%. Your second, (and really the secret of how to drive massive traffic) is to post daily, and post content that those you follow you will want to read and consume (more on that in the next section).

This is my personal formula for driving massive traffic from free traffic sources, and one of the most highly converting sources of traffic as well. To learn how I drive massive traffic specifically from Facebook and generate 400-500 leads per week, click here now and watch the free video.

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