How To Add $700 A Month Residual Income With Empower

Hey, let me ask you a question…

Could you make 10 sales TODAY if it meant earning up to $700 a month in  residual income?

I know that number sounds far-fetched, and if you were in any other business but Empower Network, it would be.

I promise you though that it’s not, and I’m going to prove it to you.

FAIR WARNING: You may get excited by what you’re about to learn and you may actually like math after this!

So Why 10 Sales?

Before I can answer that, you have to understand the commission structure, and once you do, you’ll see why so many people are having success.

Dave and Dave do a great explaination of the commission structure, but for the sake of time I’m going to explain  it this way.

The relationship you have with your sponsor is a 50/50 partnership on the first 6 sales. You keep the 1st sale (breaking even), pass up the 2nd, keep the 3rd and so on.

After the 6th sale, the relationship becomes an 80/20 partnership on every 5 sales after that.

So let’s say you just had your 6th sale, you’d keep the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th sales, then pass up the 11th.

What that means is that you can make more money than the person who sponored you!

Now, here’s why 10 sales…

The monthly cost of Empower Network is about $165.00. Pretty cheap to run an entire business right?

You have the $19.95 affiliate fee, $25.00 basic membership, $100 Inner Circle, and $19.95 for your auto-responder like aweber.

It’s $164.90 to be exact.

(Here’s the REALLY exciting part.)

After 10 sales on the basic membership, the business pays for itself. You earn $175.00 a month after your passups.

(10x$25.00 is $250, and you pass up 3 sales ($75.00) and that’s how you get $175.00.)

Not only is the business paying or itself, but you are qualified to earn $100 a month for every Inner Circle member, up to $700 per month in income!

(10x$100 is $1000.00, minus the 3 pass ups and that’s how you get $700.)

They super exciting news is that it’s just the first 10 sales that work like that.

Every 10 sales after that, you add up to $1,000 per month in income. That’s because your business is already paying for itself, and you pass up LESS commissions.

You only pass up 2 sales on every 10 sales you get and it’s ALL profit. So, you earn $200 on the basic product, then up to $800 on the Inner circle.

And trust me when I say this – more people upgrade to the Inner Circle than you realize, especially if they’re serious about making money and honing their skills as a marketer.

You want to have access to the information, and you want to be positioned to earn the MAXIMUM amount of monthly residual income in this business.

All of the training you need and resources you need are built in to the products themselves, and you have access to a system that literally has everything done for you.

You can literally start marketing RIGHT NOW and start making money immediately.

THIS is how I’ve begun explaining Empower Network to everyone, and I’m sure you agree that it just makes sense, and it’s the ONLY business where this math adds up.

BUT WAIT… there’s more!

Not only are there great products, education and income, but there is an amazing community you’ll be a part of.

We are Team Take Massive Action and what we’ve created is unheard of in the inudstry. We provide cutting-edge Internet marketing training and support for entrepreneurs and it will blow you away.

Take a look at some of the features:

  • 50+ Training Modules
  • Live Weekly Training
  • Super Women Training (for the ladies)
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Advertising Co-ops

But it doesn’t stop there. We also provide tools and resources to:

  • Analyze Traffic
  • Manage Your Leads
  • Track Sales
  • Manage Your Team
  • And A Lot More…

So you know the costs, you know the benefits, and you see how easy it is to make money online with Empower Network and Team Take Massive Action.

Now, make the decision and get started right now with the basic membership for just $25.00.

Want to start promoting right now?

When you get started I am going to personally coach you and share with you strategies you can start using RIGHT NOW to make money with Empower.

No learning long learning curves, no trying to figure anything out, no stopping to build stuff…

Just straight up marketing strategy, one on one coaching, and a plan you can start following almost immediately to create results.

Click here and get started right now!

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