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The Empower Network Products & Program Membership Benefits

By far one of the most incredible line of products in the industry is the Empower Network products…

From a platform that’s ranked in the top 500 globally to masters courses and intensives, you won’t find a better line of products anywhere in the industry!

The products all pay 100% commissions! Not only are the Empower Network products of IMMENSE value, but the membership benefits and payouts are designed with you in mind!

Here they are…

Empower Network Products: Basic Membership ($25/month)

The Empower Network Basic Membership is a Done-For-You Blogging Platform (the one you’re reading now). With this Basic Membership you receive not only the base product of this platform but also complete educational training on how to use the product to its fullest potential. All available in your Back-Office.


Empower Network Basic Membership (Empower Network Products)

Included in this membership are the following:

    The Empower Network Viral Blogging System

    Free Hosting

    Your own unique URL

    Pre-designed and ready to start Blogging

    SEO Optimization

    High Converting Sales Page

    Stunning Lead Capture Page

    Full Facebook Integration

    High Ranking Social Networking Integration

    Placement Within A High Authority, Aged Domain

    Getting Started Core Checklist

    Complete Instruction Manual to using your new product

    Training Videos

    Training Lessons Work Book & Quizzes

    Built-In Email Follow Up System

    Revenue Tracking System

    Ability to promote anything you’d like

    Re-Sale Rights

    Presence with an Authority Network

    100% Commission Pay-Outs for Affiliates

    The ability to earn $25/month Commissions, over and over again

The Empower Network basic membership is the starting base for all of the Empower Network products. You can choose to stay at this level if you have no desire to make more money. If you got just 2 people a day to use our Blogging Platform you could generate over $1,500 a month, at this level—see the comp plan here.

Price: $25/monthly

Commissions: $25/monthly

Note: In order to take advantage of the other Empower Network products, you must first have an Empower Network Basic Membership.

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Empower Network Products: Inner Circle Membership ($100/month)

Next of the Empower Network products is the Inner Circle membership. This membership will give you access to a knowledge-base of training via audio files. You may also download any of the audios you would like and listen to them at your convenience.

Inner Circle Membership

Included in this membership are the following:

    Access to the inner circle knowledge base

    Industry leader/guru interviews

    Closely guarded industry secrets

    Marketing secrets

    Promotion secrets

    How to sell and market

    Industry strategies and methods

    Downloadable training audio lessons

    At least 3 new additions per week

    40-60 minute training audios

    Inspirational and motivational stories

    Access to “The Empower Hour” webinars each week

    Revenue tracking system

    Re-Sale rights

    100% commission pay-outs for affiliates

    The ability to earn $100/monthly commissions, over and over again.

The Inner Circle membership provides you with access to a never ending supply of knowledge at your fingertips. If you desire to learn more and earn more you can do so by upgrading to The Inner Circle membership. Here, you will learn more and apply new marketing strategies instantly.

The knowledge you gain in The Inner Circle membership, can be applied to any business.

Price: $100/monthly

Commissions: $100/monthly

Note: In order to take advantage of the Empower Network products, you must first have an Empower Network Basic Membership.

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Empower Network Products: Costa Rica Intensive Training ($500 one-time)

This is truly where the education begins.

Within the Costa Rica Intensive training you are presented with a 10 part video lesson series accompanied by lesson quizzes for each. People who attended this training live paid $3,000.00 – With that being said, this again is another of the highly under-priced items from the Empower Network products line.

Costa Rica Intensive

This package includes the following:

    Quick start video

    Chore Checklist

    More than 11 hours of high definition training videos

    Learn Empower Network empire start-up secrets

    Build confidence

    What Does and Doesn’t Work

    Enhance communication skills

    Public speaking

    Create Money Out Of Thin Air

    Marketing For Smart People

    Training workbook

    Training lessons

    Advance marketing training

    Virtual Sustainability

    Keeping It All Together

    Get Your Stuff To Rank, FAST

    Your Story is ALL that matters

    Lesson Quizzes for each of the above lessons

    Revenue tracking system

    Re-Sale rights

    100% commission pay-outs for affiliates

    The ability to earn $500 commissions, over and over again

If you are serious about your business and ready to learn about online marketing and how you can be successful too, this is a package that will help you learn what is working right now and instantly apply this to your business.

Even your business as an Affiliate for Empower Network!

Price: $500 (One time payment)

Commissions: $500

Note: In order to take advantage of the Empower Network products, you must first have an Empower Network Basic Membership.

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Empower Network Products: $15K Formula Training ($995-one-time)


The 15k formula is the best technical training to learn how to market online.

This is where the magic happens.

The 15k formula will help you discover new ways to grow your business and tap into new leads every day.

Empower network combines this course with the best training to learn not only the technical aspect of promoting your business online but also the dynamic of interaction and how to connect with your audience or leads for greater results.

This package includes the following:

    Social Content Mastery

    Value and Entertainment Based Blogging

    Automated Viral Syndication Strategies (Syndication Mastery)

    Mastering the BASICS of SEO

    How to Get Stuff Ranked with LOTS and LOTS of links

    How to Build Niche Site to Sell Stuff

    Paid Traffic Mastery

    How To Scale Advertising Online

    PPC and Solo Ad Grass Root Tactics

    How To Sell Stuff Online

    Off-Line Sales Magic

    Profit Pulling Magazine Ads

    Advanced Leadership Strategies (Leaders Mindset)

    Advanced Link Building Tactics

This product of all the Empower Network products is one of the most valuable. The price is ridiculously low when compared to your potential earnings from applying what you learn.

The 15k formula is a step by step guide that shows you how to achieve a 15k monthly income.

Learn the methods and strategies use by the creators of Empower Network with this 7 video lesson package that is currently being revamped as I write this.

Price: $995 (One time payment)

Commissions: $995

Note: In order to take advantage of the Empower Network products, you must first have an Empower Network Basic Membership.

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Empower Network Products: Masters Course ($3500-one-time)

We recently held this mind blowing event for just 100 people. They each paid $5000.00 to be there. And you bet your butt it was worth every nickel. Because this is where the ultra-serious BadAsses go.

This system is the tipping point that causes massive breakthroughs. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that frankly, most people never get.

But, what if you could…

Dramatically SHORTCUT the learning curve and start getting what you want RIGHT NOW?

That’s what the Masters Course is all about.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover…


Price: $3500 (One time payment)

Commissions: $3000

    How to stop the vicious circle you’re in and start getting results NOW

    The exact “connect the dots formula” of what to do your first 30 days online to get$10,000.00 a month

    Justin’s secret sauce that took him from $7000.00 a month to $42,000.00 a month in 30 days

    Moving beyond 10k a month—how to keep scaling up the profits by working less

    How and when to start replacing yourself with “Systems” that do all the work for you

    How to choose the best strategy for YOU—so you never get bored, burned out, and you always enjoy what you do

    Stop listening to the wrong people—We show you REAL people getting REAL resultstoday and how they’re doing it… This is not theory or some other crap that worked ten years ago

    Knowing exactly where you are now, so you can effortlessly get to the next step… If your new, how to get your first 10k fast… If you’re making 50k a month… how to get to 100k even faster

    Getting past self-doubt and becoming the person you truly are meant to be

    How to make 10 times more money by NOT selling and just telling your story… Don’t think you have a story, you’re wrong and you’ll see why once you’re on the inside

    Find out your true beliefs about money—If you have negative feeling you don’t even know about, how to get rid of them for good so money flows into your life like a raging river

    Stand on the shoulders of giants—If you’re new this is the easiest way to use the success of others to start making money fast

    How to do the work ONCE, and get paid over and over for years to come

    If you believe it, you’re right—How Lawrence didn’t believe he could make 10k a month, so he didn’t. But since he changed his thoughts, he’s had six figure months. You’ll see how inside

    How to use your strengths to make money and stop wasting time doing what you’re not good at

    How you can make $4000.00 per blog post by being a complete dork

    How doing the OPPOSITE of what you think will grow your team faster and bigger than you ever thought possible

    How to start making the right connections with the right people that can elevate you to success lightning fast

    What to do with people who want to be baby sat and waste all your time

    Keeping it simple—Making a ton of cash is not at all hard until you make it that way, here’s the basic formula you need to stick to

    The mad hatter formula to getting massive traffic that increases every month

    How to use your painful experiences to get more money

    The real secret to creating offers that sell better than water in the desert

    More stories—how to use other peoples stories to sell your prospects

    How to identify who you really want on your team, and who might end up just being a pain in the ass

    Creating your own master plan—Success is a journey, not a destination

    The sneaky yet effective email tactics that make your prospects actually look forward to getting emails from you

    How to overcome anything no matter how impossible it might seem

    Making sure that as your team gets bigger your workload gets smaller

    How to keep momentum even when your team is growing faster than expected

    Creating your community that sticks together and keeps growing together no matter what happens

    How to make sure your team always has the eyes on the prize so you always have a loyal following

    List building on steroids– creating your personal system to do the work for you

    How to create a buying frenzy around new product launches

    How to quickly break through barriers and set yourself up for success using this short process

    How to get at least 2 new customers a day like clockwork

    Secrets of the top earners and how they launch new products to make bank

    And so much more…

Note: In order to take advantage of the Empower Network products, you must first have an Empower Network Basic Membership.

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… After you’re done reviewing the Empower Network products and benefits, take a look at the compensation plan. Like the Empower Netowrk products themselves, these too it will knock your socks off!

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