Empower Network Products: Inner Circle Mastermind

Empower Network Products - Inner Circle Mastermind

We have a core set of products that are ‘hands off’ in the sense that you can get started in 15 minutes, and you can either buy them as a customer if you just want training on how to build a rock solid business – OR – you can also choose to have re-sell rights and earn 100% commissions to customers you refer.

The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership

Empower Network Products - Inner Circle MastermindWhat is the Inner Cicle Mastermind? For only $100 per month, you’re going to get the best ongoing audio training you’ve ever heard in your life.  We’re interviewing industry Phenom’s who want nothing more than to help you make more money, have a better life, and build your marketing automation machine…

…on complete auto pilot.

When You Get The Inner Circle, You Get…

Each audio is a 45-60 minute content rich interview from a marketing legend, and you can listen to it in your car, download it to your ipod, or get it transcribed and read them.  Plus – you can get resell rights if you want, the ability to refer the training to others, and earn 100% commissions.  You’re also welcome to just hang out, listen, and learn…

Put simply, the Inner Circle is all of the training you’ll ever need…

…all in one location.

What You Too Will Say As An Inner Circle Member…

Just plug, play, and listen, we’ll do the rest – let us EMPOWER you to build your business FAST.

Empower Network Products - Inner Circle Mastermind

I am a virtual assistant and have had my business officially running since last July as well as working online in other companies. But I have struggled and only had 3 clients since I opened (up til Feb.) I was listening to Dave Wood in one of the many live trainings and suddenly realized that I wasn’t marketing right, I had a whole lot of people I could connect with but wasn’t, I thought if I didn’t have a “list” in aweber or something then I didn’t have a list. Dave pointed out some alternative ways to generate leads and it suddenly hit me where I had untapped connections. I also realized that I didn’t have anything on the internet (blog or otherwise) that described my virtual business…duh…how can I get clients if they can’t find me :) So armed with this new insight… I posted a blog in EN about who is Kat’s Hands (my business) and created a static page too, then sent out the blog to people, I also informed friends and connections that I was looking for clients and could they spread the word… all stuff I learned through the training on the 15K and Dave’s live broadcasts (Inner Circle).

My business has more than doubled since Feb. I have 3 ongoing monthly clients, another client I was doing things for free for is now paying as we go through things (The trainings made me realize what I had was worth money and I was doing a disservice to him & me by not charging him) and have 2 others with other jobs to do…for a total of 6 clients in 2 months. (before I had only 3 in 7 months and two of those were one time jobs) personlly doesn’t look like much but the jobs are big enough that I am very busy and the extra money in the bank is always a plus!   -Kat Cooley

Note: This product is available as an upgrade to our existing ‘Viral Blogging System’ members who are interested in learning more advanced marketing training and leadership principals.

To order our flagship product – The ‘Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind’ – click the button below, order the viral blogging system, then click on the Inner Circle tab in the member center to upgrade. You’ll be all set-up and ready to post your first blog and receive some of the best training on the planet:

Empower Network Products - Inner Circle Mastermind

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