Empower Network Inner Circle Training Is Like Learning Kung Fu!

Selina Lo Kick Empower Network Inner Circle Training Is Like Learning Kung Fu

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Why Is Empower Network’s Inner Circle Training Like Learning Kung Fu?

This morning while I was working I busted out singing Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I would sing that song all of a sudden. It was so out of character.

I eventually figured out why I did, but first, do you remember the first Matrix movie?

There were a couple scenes in the movie that reflected how I’ve felt the past week or two. In one scene, Neo asked to be let out of the car and Trinity told him that he knew what was down that road and he didn’t want to be there.

Have you ever felt like you know you’re doing down a road you don’t want to be on but feel a bit scared of getting off of it because that’s what you’re used to?

He got back in the car and later, Morpheus offered him the blue pill or the red pill (associating reality to Alice in Wonderland). So he takes the red pill and “tumbles down the rabbit hole” and had a very eye-opening experience.

He would begin his training as “the one,” but not before passing out because he refused to believe the truth.

Have you ever felt lost in a situation, maybe debt, illness or some other bad situation, and felt like were being turned every which way to the point that you think you feel sick?

After he started training and leaning he had a moment where he looked up at Morpheus and says, “I know kung fu,” and this is where my story picks up.

Inner Circle Training Is Like Kung Fu!

For the past several weeks I’ve been very focused on changing my mindset and building financial wealth, and the engine of discipline I chose was the Empower Network Inner Circle.

I went through some really TIGHT financial situations, and for those of you who ready my bio will know what I’m talking about, (that’s another story).

Anyway, the transformation I’ve gone through these past few weeks is nothing short of a difference between night and day – it was THAT powerful to not only learn from, but put into practice countless hours of training and discipline from the most successful people in the industry.

That’s why I started singing Kung Fu Fighting by the way. I had flashed back to those scenes in the Matrix and my mind somehow connected that movie to what I was experiencing and VOILA! I’m singing Kung Fu Fighting – which is really a good song btw. #justsaying.

The change didn’t happen over days or weeks and didn’t take a lot of time to develop as many people try to teach either. It happened in one moment. In one quick instant all of the information I had in my head came together and made sense.

In the snap of a finger I went from being unsuccessful to being successful and I know it sounds like a line but that’s what happened. I was trying and trying and trying and all of a sudden I was doing.

Have you ever had a moment of “breakthrough” when you see your way after fumbling around for so long?

I can’t really explain what happened because I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around it myself. I’m seeing more traffic, more leads, more sales, more engagement from my readers, clients are actually calling me and basically throwing money at me, and more.

It’s Like Kung Fu for Success – Free Your Mind

Look, I don’t know what your situation is or what your problems are, but I do know that if you’re looking for a change; if you’re looking for something different and something that works, then the Empower Network training is the path I’d recommend.

Not only do they train you in the necessary skills and mindset for success, but they provide a means in which to do it.

Empower Network is like Morpheus and I was Neo that day… except without the mad kung fu skills of course, and they taught me how to be successful and helped me become successful.

It really is kung fu for success. Click here now and free your mind!

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