Digital Music Distribution For Independent Artists

Digital Music Distribution For Independent ArtistsOne of the things most people are shocked to find out about me is that I am an independent artist and that I have a background in digital music distribution, and even more surprising to some is that I still work closely today with other independent artists. I’ve played the double bass for more than 20 years and I am also a classical composer.

How I got into the IT field as a programmer and the marketing field as a consultant is a long story, but music, behind it all has always been one of my biggest passions, and in a way, everything I do is a long round-about way of getting back to music.

This round-about way however has granted me a very unique perspective about digital music distribution and independent artists that most people don’t consider and if you are a musician… listen up.

The One Thing ALL Independent Artists Need From Digital Music Distribution

… but just having your music online isn’t digital distribution. The thing that I suffered from most when I was pursuing music full time wasn’t having my music available online.

After all, my music was available at every show, on my website, as well as other services that were all about making music available.

What I had trouble with the most, and what most musicians need the most isn’t more availability (although that is important), but sales.

Think about it. How many places do you have your music online? Now how much money are you making from them?

See we live in an environment where instead of trying to get you sales, the industry and third party services aren’t interested in making you money, but making you look good by selling hits and clicks and plays and the like.

If you want sales and to actually make money, the advice out there is the same old dry, re-hashed, over-spun trash the industry spits out. You’ve heard it – get more likes, you need more plays, and my personal favorite, you need more exposure, (i.e. digital distribution).

Here’s a cool idea I had while back…

Digital Music Distribution That Makes Money For Independent Artists

This is one of those areas where my IT and marketing background works very well with my music. The bottom line is that everyone needs more sales, and everyone wants more sales.

So I set out to design a new type of digital music distribution platform with myself in mind… with independent artists in mind.

By answering the question, “how do I make more sales?” I solved a slew of problems many musicians face, and did it in a way that actually makes sense – Music Sense as I like to call it.

Imagine for a moment the following.

  • A platform that makes your music available virtually anywhere, including mobile devices and internet-connect portable devices WITHOUT the high prices of the industry.
  • A platform that is designed to make you money, and let’s you keep 100% of your sales.
  • A platform that not only does your marketing for you, but gives you the freedom to market yourself as you see fit with no binding contracts, limitations, and even provides the tools for you to do it.
  • A platform that isn’t run buy some conglomerate or industry stooge, but by a fellow musician who’s passion is music and helping other musicians.

What could be better than that?

To find out more about quality digital music distribution for independent artists, click here to see a full description of Music Sense, and take a look at the video that I posted.

What’s the bottom line? You have to be a marketer to generate traffic, leads and sales. It’s a marketing game and digital music distribution by itself, without the marketing is of no use to independent artists.

If you are truly serious about your music, follow the link above and take a deeper look.

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