Can A Homosexual Person Be A Christian?

can a homosexual person be a christianCan A Homosexual Person Be A Christian?

It’s been a huge moral debate, especially now that we are seeing more and more churches accepting homosexuals as part of their congregation. I won’t lie. It’s a question that I’ve asked myself.

We are in a day and age where there is a split right down the middle of our society. On one side you have those, when asked this question say outright no, and those who say yes… so what do you think?

Can A Homosexual Person Be A Christian? I say yes and agree with Ravi Zacharias on this issue. Watch as he answers a very tough question.

I agree, however I would add more to his answer and say that one of the things that makes the Christian faith so unique from others is that salvation is not based on what you do. Other religions tend to say be good and live a good life and then you’ll be saved, or have good karma, or come back blessed in another life.

Christianity says come as you are. It says nobody is perfect and you don’t have to do anything other than believe and receive the gift of salvation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re straight or homosexual, rich or poor, or anything on either side of the dividing lines we recognize in society. It’s a free gift.

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