Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species

Interesting story today. Does the bible prove science? Or is science still just trying to catch up with the word of God?

Scientists (geneticists) are working hard on discovering our origins and might have stumbled across something that we believers already knew – the Nephilim.

Anyone who’s spent any time studying the bible will knew about the Nephilim, or the offspring of angels mixing with human women. They were giants and had great strength.

Different cultures had different names (Anakim, Emim, Zamzummim, etc.) even Goliath of Gath in the book of Numbers (13) was said to be one of the sons of Anak “which come of the giants”.

What makes this story interesting is that never before have we had any kind of scientific evidence that would support that.

And now we do, as geneticists discover that humans bred with a completely unknown species.

I think they found the remains of a Nephilim or one of their descendants. What do you think?

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