A Little Bit of Home (My House and Where I Live)

A little bit of home, my house, and where I live

I wanted to share a little bit of home with all of you. This is an aerial photo of our quiet little home in North Carolina. This is by far one of the most memorable accomplishments of my family.

I remember were were going through some rough times and hard up for cash but my entire family came together and pitched in and this is the result.

Along the back fence (from left to right), is a plum tree, grape vines, and four cherry trees. Just in front of the cherry trees is a pear tree, and to the right of it, is a green apple tree.

Just above the house and to the left along the fence is my mom’s BIG garden area where she grows just about anything.

In one of my first posts, The Real Me And The Absolute Truth (This Ain’t Easy), (definitely check it out), I talked a little about all of the hardships we faced and challenges we overcame – THIS is my WHY for doing all I do.

The end result of creating a lifestyle and a life for yourself and your family. I haven’t fulfilled all of my dreams but I know I will, and The Empower Network is helping making that happen.

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