3 Ways To Add Additional Income In 3 Hours Per Day (Doing what you’re already doing)

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3 Ways To Add Additional Income In 3 Hours Per Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done some core training at all, so instead of sending you to a video or some squeeze page, I’m going to quickly lay out 3 ways to add additional income to what you’re already doing, in 3 hours per day.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in either. These will work for you and help you add additional income to what you’re already doing. So here we go!


I know how silly this sounds but there’s a reason why terms like ‘leaders are readers‘ get thrown around. The bottom line? How well you know what you do, will affect how much you make. It’s really that simple!

But if you REALLY want to know a secret… Listening to audios, watching webinars, and reading books are all a great start to learning how to create additional income, but do you know what’s the best thing to learn from if you REALLY want to make a ton of money?

Sales letters and ad copy!

Now I know that sounds ridiculous too, but if you’re serious about creating additional income, just stop and think about it. Where else would you find a better source of learning how to make additional income? The best place will always be by studying the successful content of others.

There’s a reason why the phrase “success leaves clues” is thrown around too… and now you know!


This one is a bit difficult because as an entrepreneur, everything you do is on the backdrop of making money, but bear with me for a moment.

I’m sure you know what it means to be busy. As the day goes by there are endless tasks that creep up and every one of them demands your time and they seem SO important, but…

Are they really?

Here’s the thing. If you were to make a list of everything you had to do today – every task and project, and look at each one, would it fall into the 3 Cs of Marketing?

That is CREATE traffic, CAPTURE leads, and CONVERT sales.

Can I be honest with you for a moment? If what you’re doing it NOT creating traffic, capturing leads, or converting sales then I guarantee that wasting your time and you’ll more than likely never create any substantial income, far less create additional income.

That’s just the way it is…

I know this, because I had to learn the hard way myself. This, right now for me is an income producing activity, because people will read it, opt in to my lists, and purchase my products.

Can you say the same about everything you do? What’s another good income producing activity?

How about Social Media? And I’m not talking about just sharing posts, liking pages, inviting a tons of random people, or spamming your chat box either. I mean real lead generation.

For example, my strategy for generating 400-500 leads per month.

NOTE: Facebook is a bit finicky about activity, so I would suggest two things (for all social networks).

  • Don’t invite anyone that doesn’t respond to your messages. You want to be connected to people who are responsive and want to receive you content (quality over quantity).
  • So you don’t get yourself banned, make your contacting “normal” daily activity. Only contact 20 or so people a day, and stretch it out throughout the day. Keep it random and don’t “blast” social networks.

… 3 Ways To Add Additional Income In 3 Hours Per Day Continued.


This one, will make or break your business, and will determine how fast or slow you make money.

One of those people that I listen to is Bob Proctor, especially when it comes to business. I remember back to when I was just now learning and trying to figure all of this stuff out and I heard him tell the story of one of his successes.

A company (I don’t remember which one) had approached him and wanted to increase their sales. He did an evaluation of the company and his recommendation was to increase the results of the sales team by making them put out more time on productive activities… Interesting.

Why is that?

See, when he evaluated their company he determined that the average sales person spends 90 minutes a day doing sales and marketing… Again, interesting.

It turns out that most of us in the business of sales and marketing all do pretty much the same thing. We get to work (whether it’s the desk or the home office) and we kinda wade through all the stuff we have for the day.

We’ll do a little bit here, take a break, check some email… Do a bit more there, grab some lunch, talk on the phone… By the end of the day only 90 minutes of productive work was done.

But, the solution isn’t working harder… it’s working smarter with more consistency.

By removing distractions and committing to 180 minutes a day on those activities, they company’s sales more than doubled! But it wasn’t just a case of double the time and double your profits either.

This is a good news scenario, because it’s one of the few times where 2+2 equals 5 (or more). This is because productivity increases with less distractions and more consistency!

The bottom line? If you want to create additional income, staying focused and removing distractions, will increase your results much more than if you worked with distractions.

Creating additional income doesn’t require more work or harder work. Often times it’s just a “tweak” in approach, or a millimeter change in the “how”.

I hope you enjoyed 3 Ways To Add Additional Income To What You’re Already Doing In 3 Hours A Day, but…

Don’t stop with just these for creating additional income!

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